Rent a Scooter

General terms and conditions of the vehicle lease


The craft business „Rent a Scooter Krk“ as a lessor and a person specified as a leaseholder ( in further text: the leaseholder) with his data stated above enter the following:

Lease Agreement

  1. The „Rent a Scooter Krk“ leses and the leaseholder receives the rent of the vehicle stated above under conditions determined by this Lease Agreement
  2. By signing this Agreement the leaseholder confirms that he is taking over the vehicle in technically and visually good condition and with its fuel tank full.
  3. The leaseholder commits himself to return the vehicle in technically and visually good condition together with the documents it was rented with.
  4. In case od traffic accident, damadge or a vehicle stealing the leaseholder is bound to call the police and to inform „Rent a Scooter Krk“
  5. The leaseholder is resposible for alienation or stealing the vehicle, for all damadges resulting from improper handling, carelessness and negligence by the leaseholder. The damadges caused in such a way are bound to be made up to the „Rent a Scooter Krk“ by the leaseholder.
  6. All fines and liabilities (parking, traffic violations and the similar) ensued wile using the lease are to be borne by the leaseholder.
  7. The insurance does not cover the liability of the leaseholder or of the aditional driver for damages perpetrated on purpose, under the influence od alcohol or illegal drugs, without a valid driver's license and under other circumstances provided by insurance policies. The leaseholder is exlusively liable for the vehicle.
  8. If the vehicle is not returned on time, the leaseholder is obliged to pay for the delay according to the price on the price list
  9. Fuel is not included in the price
  10. The price of the vehicle lease includes a helmet as a compulsory additional equipment which is the leaseholder liable for.
  11. In case of disagreement the court in Rijeka will be in charge of it.
  12. Hereby i declare that i have read the Lease Agreement and that i fully comply with conditions ot the lease.